Chusquea Gigantea


*Max height 25’

*Max culm diameter 1.5″

*Min. temp -18C


*Clumping Bamboo

This CLUMPING bamboo likes sun and is one of the most sought-after bamboos in cultivation and looks more like a typical running Phyllostachys in

appearance.  Over time it forms a very upright

slowing spreading grove.

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.  New culms emerge from the soil about 1 ft away from the original plant each shooting season so that gives it some room to grow. Culms are green, turning yellow between the nodes which are prominently branched. Bamboo growers in England have reported mature groves of this bamboo growing to heights of over 30 feet.  In our West Coast climate it is estimated to grow to 25 ft.  This is quickly becoming one of our favorite clumping bamboos.

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