Semiarundinaria fastuosa (Japanese Palm Bamboo, Narihira or Temple Bamboo)


* Max Height 30′ (West Coast Estimate 25′ Feet)
* Max Culm Dia 1.5″
* Evergreen to -21C
* Sun or Shade
* Running Bamboo

Semiarundinaria fastuosa has brick red culms, and deep green leaves, that are about ten inches long. It is an excellent choice for a specimen planting in narrow spaces, because of its erect stature.


This variety is a good choice for someone wanting to grow bamboo indoors.

It is extremely fast growing in wet climates, and said to be slower spreading in hot summer areas. Fastuosa is very exotic looking, with extra large leaves, growing on branches, that seem to grow out in tiers. A common name for this bamboo is Red Japanese Palm Bamboo.

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