Thamnocalamus tessellatus


* Max Height 18′ (West Coast Estimate 10 to 12 Feet)
* Max Culm Dia .8″
* Min temp -23C
* Sun or Shade
* Clumping Bamboo

Thamnocalamus tessellatus (commonly known as “Berg Bamboo”) is native to South Africa. It has a very unique appearance compared to other bamboos. The culms are very flexible even when old. African tribesmen used the canes to frame their shields. This is one of the few cold hardy clumping bamboos that can handle full sun and grows as upright as it does.

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One of the best clumping bamboos for a sunny location. It is also more upright than our other hardy clumping bamboos. This bamboo is from South Africa, where it is called Bergbamboes, or mountain bamboo; it is the only African bamboo hardy enough to grow in the Pacific Northwest. It is an unusual bamboo, having very thick culms in relation to its height. It is also quite wind tolerant and can be used in coastal landscapes.

Although it can grow in zone 7 through 9, it will usually show some foliar damage when exposed to temperatures of 12 F or lower.

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