Psuedosasa japonica ‘Akebonosuji’


* Max Height 18′ (West Coast Estimate 15′ Feet)
* Max Culm Dia .75″
* Evergreen to -18C
* USDA Zone 7, Root Hardy to Zone 6
* Sun or Shade
* Running Bamboo

This form of Arrow Bamboo has very large leaves with some leaves fading from whitish to light green. The culms are erect with the leaves, up to a foot long by 1.5 inches wide. It does well in tubs and pots and is very tropical looking with it’s large leaves. The culms sheaths are persistent giving a two tone look to the culms. It makes a fine choice for indoors.


This unusual variegated form has some leaves highly variegated and some that are akebono style (whitish fading to light green; see Pseudosasa japonica ‘Akebono’). Often, however, most leaves can be green, requiring removal of some culms to maintain the plant variegation. Like the species, it is one of the best bamboos for a windy or seaside planting. It also makes an excellent screen, is a good choice for a container, and it is quite happy indoors. The leaves, 5 to 13 inches long by 1.75 inches wide, are much larger than the leaves of other hardy bamboos of similar size. The culm sheaths are persistent.

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