Semiarundinaria yashadake ‘Kimmei’


* Max Height 25′ (West Coast Estimate 12′ Feet)
* Max Culm Dia 1.5″
* Min temp -20C
* Sun or Shade
* Running Bamboo

Semiarundinaria yashadake ‘Kimmei’ is a very fast grower with some yellow striping on the broad leaves giving it a bold, tropical look. The colourful culms vary from yellow with a green stripe in partial sun to completely bright red with a white culm node in full sun. It makes an excellent choice to contrast with finer leaved bamboo’s and also grows well indoors.


This is a delightful form of the species that has lots of thin golden culms that can turn a dusky pink or red when grown in full sun. Kimmei is shorter than the species, reaching 3.5m at most -but usually shorter than this. The leaves are small and held on short stems close to the culm. The culms have a green stripe above each branch. This is a great all rounder as it is good in full sun or semi shade and it has a vertical habit and bushy foliage.

Planting and care

Kimmei is best grown in sun or semi shade and in moist or dry soil with the addition of organic matter. It is a very reliable garden plant. If planting in more direct sun try and give it afternoon shade. Water in well and do not let it dry out in the first six months. After this, if in the ground it should look after itself. The best food a Bamboo can have is its own dead leaves and culm sheaths, so leave these to mulch the base of the plant.

Additional information

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