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Bamboo Rhizome Barrier - Shipped Across Canada

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  • Bamboo Rhizome Barrier

    Bamboo Rhizome Barrier

    Extra Heavy Duty 80 mil HDPE Bamboo Rhizome Barrier

    $4.50/foot or $425.00/100 Foot Roll ($4.25/Foot) - 30 inches wide (76 cm) X 80 mil (2.032mm/.080 inch) thick, Bamboo Rhizome Barrier 

    In tight spaces when there is not enough room to work around your bamboo, the use of a rhizome barrier is recommended.  Our bamboo rhizome barrier is made of a High Density Polyethylene that is UV, chemical, puncture, and bio-degradation resistant.  It is installed  28 inches below the ground around the perimeter of the bamboo grove. When digging a trench put the topsoil and lower grade earth into two separate piles so that when you back fill you can compact the lower grade material at the bottom of your trench and put the topsoil back at the top of it.  Pack down the lower grade earth before you put the topsoil back into the trench.

    Once you stand your bamboo rhizome barrier into the trench, two inches of it are left above ground level. When fully enclosing your bamboo with barrier on all sides, any seam where it meets can be secured with our stainless steel bamboo rhizome barrier seam clamp. Be sure to have a tight seal at the seam with an overlap of only two to three inches and remove any rocks, roots or hard objects if they are touching your barrier.

    With many installations you do not need to control the bamboo grove with a barrier on all sides. Leaving an open sided barrier on your property side of the grove encourages the rhizomes to spread in the direction of the open side, allowing for easier maintenance and a simple install without the need for any hardware.

    The strength and thickness of the bamboo rhizome barrier, and a tight seam where the barrier meets are the most important factors. We strongly recommend a minimum HDPE bamboo rhizome barrier thickness of 80 mil (2.032mm/.080 inch).  

    Beware of 40 mil (1.016mm/.040 inch) root barrier. It is not strong enough, and most bamboos will eventually grow right through it. Steel barriers conduct cold freezing temperatures into the root zone of tdhe plant. Wood barriers rot over time, and vapor barrier will not stop the spread of bamboo either.  

    Full Rolls or By The Foot
    Roll of 100 Feet ($4.25/ft) $425
    Each Foot $4.50