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Himalayacalmus falconeri 'Damarapa'

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  • * Max Height 30' (West Coast Estimate 10-20' Feet)
    * Max Culm Dia 2"
    * Min temp  -9C
    * Clumping Bamboo

    This bamboo is commonly known as 'Candy Cane Bamboo' due to its stunning colours. It has slender branched masses of leaves born on culms striped in yellow, green, and pink. It has an occasional cream stripe on the leaves. This is one of our most beautiful bamboos which are too tender for most of Canada. When grown well with plenty of bright light and cool, but not significantly below freezing the colors can be spectacular. Usually not nearly 30 ft tall more often 10 to 20 ft if conditions are very good. This bamboo is best grown in the cool coastal climate in Zone 8 - 10. 

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    Himalayacalmus falconeri 'Damarapa'
    Himalayacalmus falconeri 'Damarapa'Himalayacalmus falconeri 'Damarapa'Himalayacalmus falconeri 'Damarapa'Himalayacalmus falconeri 'Damarapa'

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