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Phyllostachys nuda 11 to 15 Feet Tall

Online Store : Delivered to Greater Vancouver and The Fraser Valley of British Columbia Only : Large Specimen Size Bamboo Plants : 11 to 15 Feet Tall Bamboo Plants

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  • * Max Height 34' (West Coast Estimate 25' Feet)
    * Max Culm Dia 1.75"
    * Evergreen to -26C
    * USDA Zone 5, Root Hardy to Zone 4
    * Sun or Shade
    * Running Bamboo

    Nuda is one of the most cold hardy bamboos known and is also one of its finest. It is a nice looking bamboo with a dark node and a bright ring of white powder below accentuating the dark green to almost black new canes; add very small, dark leaves and you have an elegant bamboo. The new shoots are fine for eating and very tasty. It makes a superb choice for harsh climates when a tropical looking screen or specimen is desired. This is one of the bamboos that we recommend to people wishing to experiment with bamboo in extreme environments.

    Phyllostachys nuda 11 to 15 Feet Tall
    Phyllostachys nuda 11 to 15 Feet TallPhyllostachys nuda 11 to 15 Feet Tall

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