All of the leaves on my bamboo plant are brown. Is the plant dead?

In the case that all of the leaves on a bamboo plant turn brown, it is common to assume the whole plant is dead.  This is not necessarily the case.  If there is still colour in the culm, and it has not discolored to grey, it is likely that the plant still has life in it.  Examine branches that still have color and look for signs of new leaf buds emerging.  If the browning of leaves occurred in winter, or early in the season, you may have to wait several months before signs of new growth appear.  In British Columbia, this usually happens in June.  If a culm has discoloured and turned completely grey, it may be cut down at ground level.  Dead canes, however, do not equate to a dead plant, because new canes may still emerge from undamaged rhizomes/roots under the soil.