How big are your bamboo plants; what can I expect?

Average Bamboo Plant Sizes

We use standard nursery industry sized pots. 

#1=one gallon (1 to 3 feet tall, 1 to 3 canes)
#2=two gallon (1.5 to 4 feet tall, 1 to 4 canes)
#3=three gallon (2 to 8 feet tall, 1 to 5 canes)
#5=five gallon (3 - 9 feet tall, 1 to 5 canes
#7=seven gallon (4 - 12 feet tall, 1 to 5 canes)
#10=ten gallon (9 - 13 feet tall, 1 to 5 canes)
#15=fifteen gallon (11 - 15 feet tall, 1 to 5 canes)
#20=twenty gallon container (13 to 18 feet tall, 1 to 5 canes)
#25=twenty five gallon container (15 feet and up, 1 to 5 canes)

Some things to consider when estimating bamboo plant size, are the variety, whether pot grown or field dug, and the time of year of order placement. In late summer and fall, after the bamboos plants have shot, they are substantially larger than they are in the spring. Sometimes plants over 1 metre in height, being shipped outside of Greater Vancouver, and The Fraser Valley, need to be topped, or the longer canes may need to be broken, to fit into our packaging. If a bamboo cane needs to be broken to fit into its packaging, just splint it with a small piece of bamboo, or wood, and it will grow on as if nothing happened. Our clumping bamboos usually have more canes in relation to pot size, but are shorter than the running bamboos.  Note that height, and cane quantity, does not equal a more vigorous plant. Young stock, with plenty of healthy bamboo rhizomes, is our goal.

Here are some examples of our bamboo plants, in various sizes of pots:

#1 size running bamboo plants.

#2 Size clumping bamboo plants

#3 size divisions of clumping bamboo.

#3 Size running bamboo in early spring, before shooting has occurred.

#3 size running bamboo.

#3 pot grown running bamboo on the top, and #3 clumping bamboo on the bottom.

#7 size, field dug running bamboo.

#5 size field dug running bamboo.

#7, #15 & #25 field dug bamboo.

11 - 15 foot tall B&B field dug bamboo.

15 - 20 foot tall field dug bamboo.