How does a bamboo grove or plant react when it's exposed to too much cold?


As the temperature reaches the extremes allowed by a particular bamboo the leaves will suffer and turn to beige before they die off. If the leaf buds are not damaged when the weather warms up the leaves will grow back in late spring or early summer. If the cold continues for an extended period or intensifies the branches and culms will begin to fade and eventually die.  You will know if your branches are dead if they have no color left in them. If the rhizomes under the ground are not killed, the bamboo will grow new shoots in the spring which will turn into new culms. Several people who grow bamboo not rated for their location or in harsh climates treat it as a perennial.

If there is any color left on your branches or culms in the spring, don't cut them off because it's likely that they will re-leaf in early summer.