When and how do I thin my bamboo?

On the West Coast we thin our bamboo in the winter. In other areas, thin your bamboo when the new culms (bamboo canes) are just starting to open up with branches. 

Cut the canes that are discolored, comparatively small or leaning over. 

To make your bamboo beautiful expose the culms for all to see by pulling off the lower branches. If you pull down on a branch hard it will pop off cleanly at the culm. 

If you would like to control the height of your bamboo you can cut out the culms that are shorter or taller than you like. A bamboo cane can be cut how ever you choose and that culm will never grow taller for the life of it. 

Bamboo culms shoot up from the ground at the thickness that they will have for their entire life and after about 6 - 8 weeks they will be at their maximum height. Once a bamboo has completed the shooting period, it will only grow new branches and roughly double its leaf mass each following year.