How do I protect my Bamboo Plant in extreme winter area's?


To protect your bamboo through the winter in harsh environments it's a good idea to place mulch around it. About 4 - 6 inches or more of pines needles, grass clippings or whatever you have easily available provides excellent protection to the root zone during hard freezes and dry winter conditions.

For extreme conditions, place stakes around the perimeter of your bamboo, place wire mesh around the stakes, fill the area up with mulch (the deeper the better).

In more extreme weather such as the Prairies, protection from the wind is vital. Laying down your bamboo culms and covering them with bales of hay or straw will do wonders to protect them.

If your bamboo dies to the ground don't give up on it, in many cases it will recover and act like a super large perennial.  If there is any live color on your bamboo culms in the spring don't cut them because they will likely re leaf in early summer.