How often should I water my Bamboo plant?


The irrigation schedule in every location is different so If you're unsure of how much water to give your bamboo plant, watch the leaves. They will curl into themselves as the plant becomes dry and at this point you'll know its time to water. During the growth period when the bamboo is shooting and when exposed to dry winds or in warmer temperatures it will require more water than usual.

It's better to let a bamboo plant go a little dry than to over water it. You will know if a bamboo plant is a little dry because the leaves will roll into themselves, but once watered, the leaves will open back up within a few hours, so you will quickly learn when your bamboo plant needs to be watered.

The most common way to kill a bamboo plant is to over water it.  If the tips of your leaves are turning brown, it's a sign of too much watering.  Cease watering your bamboo plant and wait until the leaves start to curl up into themselves before you water again.

In extreme cases of over watering the leaves of a bamboo will curl into themselves and have a similar look of when it's too dry. If the soil around your bamboo plant  is soaking wet and the leaves are curled up into themselves, you may want to spray your bamboo with a fungicide because it has been over-watered to the extreme.

To know what is currently happening with a bamboo plant, look at the newest leaves that are emerging at the ends of the branches.